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At Palmer Photography, our products are part of what makes us unique. Our goal with any portrait session is to help you create a gorgeous wall display, and at the same time, provide you with precious family heirlooms. All of these products are museum quality, and ready to hang. That means that you don’t have to spend extra money on framing. These always make a great addition to any room. So lets take a look at the products we use to make this happen.

Signature Metal Prints

Signature Metal with optional stand-out posts Click Picture to enlarge

These SignatureMetal Prints are absolutely stunning! They provide you with an elegant, contemporary display and vivid color reproduction. They are available in sizes up to 30″x40″, and are always ready to hang. They are one of our favorite products, and they work well for just about anything.

Fine-Art Canvas Gallery Wraps

Fine-Art Canvas Gallery Wrap Click Picture to enlarge

Our Fine-Art Canvas Gallery Wraps are a timeless classic. They provide you with a timeless, and classically beautiful display. We use a fine-art canvas, which provides a uniform texture and great color reproduction. These are 1.5″ deep, and ready to hang. Any portrait will look great on this, and it will match just about any decor. Did I mention that they also look great in Black & White? They are available in sizes up to 40″x60″, and will look fantastic in any room.

Premium Wood Prints

Premium Wood (Maple) Click Picture to enlarge

These Premium Wood Prints are our newest addition, and they are gorgeous. These are printed on Maple, and provide a warm, rustic charm. The Maple base provides warm color tones, and in light areas of the photo, the grain will provide a unique texture. The colors are warm and soft, and works great for an outdoor setting. They are ready to hang, and available in sizes up to 20″x30″. They will make unique and beautiful display for your home.

Fine-Art Bamboo Panels

Fine-Art Bamboo Panel Click Picture to enlarge

Fine-Art Bamboo Panels are a gorgeous fine-art print, mounted on a solid bamboo mount. The fine-art print provides a sharp and vibrant portrait, with soft and flattering skin tones, and is also a great choice for black and whites. The fine-art print pairs nicely with the bamboo panel, to provide a beautiful and elegant display. They come ready to hang, and are sure to enhance any room in your house!

3D Portraits

Now you can see your memories in vivid three dimensional detail, no glasses needed. These prints come ready to frame, in sizes from 8×10 to 18×24. I would post pictures, but since you are viewing this on a 2D screen, it would be somewhat pointless. Besides, you really need to see to believe.

While I hope this information is helpful, all of these products must be seen in person to truly appreciate their quality and beauty. Contact me, and I’ll be glad to show you what you’ve been missing in your portraits. As always, my consultations are free, and without any obligation.

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