Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

FAQ. What does a portrait session include?

A. A personalized, custom portrait session requires more than just calling and making an appointment. The first step will be a portrait consultation. This is where I learn about you and your expectations. Based on your portrait needs we will figure out which products and display options will work the best for you. We will then work out the details of the portrait session. The next step will be the actual session. At the conclusion of the portrait session, we will set up an appointment for you to view your proofs. All sessions include a variety of poses (The exact number will vary based on location and needs of the client). Digital proofing and an online gallery is always included, so that you can easily show off your portfolio. Skin retouching is also included with every session. Complete session details can be found on the Portraits page.

FAQ: What can I expect after the session?

A: After the session, I’ll be hard at work getting your portraits ready to view. Usually within about a week, we will meet for you to view your proofs and place your order. I will explain your options, make suggestions, and guide you through your first order. If we are meeting at your home, I will offer specific suggestions based on your wall space and decor. After this meeting, and your first order is placed, your online gallery will go live. You and anyone of your choosing will have access to the gallery for convenient subsequent orders.

FAQ. What does retouching consist of?

A. It involves skin smoothing, blemish removal, and evening out skin tones. The amount of retouching is totally up to you. Here are a couple of examples:

Portrait, Retouch, retouching
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Portrait, retouch, retouching
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FAQ. How long does a session take?

A. Exact time frames are impossible to predict, because every session is custom tailored to the client. I’ve had sessions that are done in 45 minutes, and some have taken over 2 hours. However, 1 to 1.5 hours is probably a good estimated starting point for an average session. Multiple locations and Bridals sessions may sometimes take longer.

FAQ. What should I wear?

A. First, be yourself, wear what you are comfortable in. Second, for group photos, there is really no need to wear matching clothes, although that is entirely up to you. I would suggest that for groups, you wear colors which are complementary to one another.

FAQ. Do you offer print packages?

A. Yes, we offer Wall Display packages to make creating a display easy. These packages come with some great, money saving benefits. Of course, you can always order a la carte, as well.

FAQ. Do you offer any type of discounts?

A. Yes, in addition to the discounts provided by our Wall Display Packages, we also offer discounts to Law Enforcement and military personnel. This discount also extends to support personnel and other first responders. Find out more here.

FAQ. Do you sell digital files, or just Prints?

A. With each portrait session I provide Digital Wallet photos for media sharing (they are watermarked with the Palmer Photography logo, and will not be full resolution or licensed for print). If you wish to purchase the full-resolution digital photos with a print release, you may do so after a minimum print order has been met. Keep in mind that I am a print artist. My work is meant to be printed, and is not truly complete until it is. After all, aren’t you hiring a professional photographer because you want high quality prints? The printed medium is by far the best way to preserve your portraits, and unlike digital files, it is a tangible heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation. Your portrait will be a stunning work of art that you will proudly display. Let’s face it, digital photos are rarely printed, and when they are printed it’s often cheaply done. I will deliver a truly unique work of art that stands out from the crowd. We provide premium quality prints which will last longer and make your portraits look fantastic. The portraits you display directly reflect upon me, so I will only provide the very best finished piece of wall art. This is why I will only consider selling the Digital Negatives after a significant print order has been made.

FAQ. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. I accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

FAQ. Do you offer installment plans?

A. Installment plans are available, a credit card is required. Please contact me for details.